Meet Our Ambassadors

Every day, donor support helps create possibility for countless children and their families. 

There's no better way to learn how donations change children's lives at Arkansas Children's Hospital than by meeting some of these remarkable children. 

These Ambassadors represent the thousands of children treated annually at ACH and its clinics. 

If you would like one of these patients and their families to speak at your event or to learn more about the Ambassador program, please contact the Foundation at 501-364-1476 or email

Dyer Bailey Arkansas Childrens Hospital

Dyer Bailey, dislocated neck

Just days before his third birthday, Dyer Bailey woke in the night with a very dangerous neck dislocation on his spinal cord.

Alexandria Beebe Arkansas Childrens Hospital

Alexandria Beebe, cancer

Alexandria's journey began in August 2010, when specialists at ACH found a tumor encircling her fragile spinal column. She was just a few weeks old.

Kristyn Buckner Arkansas Childrens Hospital

Kristyn Buckner, cancer

Kristyn's dad got the call a parent never expects. “It was 10 a.m. on a Wednesday, and my wife was working. When the doctor called and asked me, ‘Are you sitting down?’ I knew it was bad,’” he recalls.

Daniel Doucet Arkansas Childrens Hospital

Daniel Doucet, Miller-Fisher disease

Daniel was struck by a rare form of the Guillain-Barre Syndrome. “Daniel lost motor coordination, couldn’t control his arms and legs, saw double and eventually – before he was admitted – could barely see,” recalls his mom Rachelle.

Kenzie Ford Arkansas Childrens Hospital

Kenzie Ford, congenital disorder

In February 2012, young Kenzie Ford was diagnosed with a bone growth disorder which causes dwarfism. She was doing well until one day six months later when she collapsed suddenly.

Max McCurdy Arkansas Childrens Hospital

Max McCurdy, heart condition

Just 28 weeks into her pregnancy, Melissa McCurdy was told that the son she was carrying had Tetrology of Fallot – a heart defect. Her son would need open-heart surgery a few weeks after birth.

Josie Melton Arkansas Childrens Hospital

Josie Melton, congenital disorder

While Josie still in the womb, she was diagnosed with VACTERL association, a deceivingly short name for a condition with many challenges attached to it.

Arath Nieto Arkansas Childrens Hospital

Arath Nieto, complications due to premature birth

Arath Nieto is a survivor in every sense of the word. He was born at just 24 weeks. He's faced many challenges that come from entering the world far too soon.

Anna Shinaberry Arkansas Childrens Hospital

Anna Shinabery, non-cancerous tumor

When Anna was born, she suffered problems that took weeks to diagnose. “She had no physical outward signs that anything was wrong,” recalls mom Kerri. Her insides were a different story.

Brynn Smith Arkansas Childrens Hospital

Brynn Smith, developmental disorder

Brynn Smith was admitted to ACH at 19 days old. She couldn’t keep food down. Her mom Brandy could see clearly that Brynn’s failure to thrive was more than just a case of reflux.

Jeffrey Smith Arkansas Childrens Hospital

Jeffrey Smith, renal failure

Growing, active kids get bumps and bruises, but Cheryl Zeigler wondered about the bruises on the legs of her 12-year-old son, Jeffrey.

Cash Spears Arkansas Childrens Hospital

Cash Spears, heart condition

On the day Cash was born, his parents came a little too close to losing their little boy. Laboring to breathe, newborn Cash was airlifted to a Tulsa hospital.

Reece Anderson Arkansas Childrens Hospital

Teecumpsy Kayla Wiggins, cancer

Healthy children will get sick, but you expect them to bounce back. But Teecumpsy just wasn’t getting back to “her old self.”



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