Meet Evan Clubine

Four-year-old Evan Clubine is all boy; wild and crazy, yet tenderhearted. You would never know he battled for his life just a few days after birth, and that a quick Angel One helicopter flight to Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) in Little Rock saved him.

“Without Angel One, I don’t know what would have happened to Evan,” Katrin, Evan’s mom, says.

In January 2013, after meconium aspiration at birth, Evan became jaundice and soon began having trouble breathing. After his heart ECHO was read by an ACH cardiologist and revealed his heart was failing, Evan was airlifted to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

“I will never forget that helicopter ride I took with Evan to Little Rock,” Scott, Evan’s dad, says, “That was the longest 50 minutes of my entire life. I just sat there helpless as I watched him struggle to breathe inside that plastic transport box.”

After arriving at ACH, Evan’s heart function worsened, requiring intubation. Evan was moved to the Cardiovascular ICU, and the family was told that the next 7-10 days were critical.

“While in the CVICU, I remember seeing ‘in honor of’ plaques outside some of the rooms,” Katrin says, “I told Scott that if Evan survives I want to have his name up on the wall. It was something that gave me hope.”

Despite intubation, high blood pressure and a blood clot causing restricted blood flow to his kidneys, Evan fought. To the surprise of many, he slowly got better.

“I always felt we were in the right place. We got the best care possible for Evan at ACH. We never doubted,” Katrin says.

After almost a month in the hospital, Evan was finally able to go home. Yet, almost a year later, Evan was admitted to ACH for a second time.

A renal ultrasound at the ACH Clinic in Lowell revealed one of Evan’s kidneys had not grown. This combined with the fact that his blood pressure had recently risen led the nephrologist to recommend the family travel to Little Rock immediately to check for another blood clot.

Once in Little Rock, Evan was sedated for a CTA scan. Thankfully, no blood clot was found, but one of his kidneys showed little function. Evan went back on blood pressure medication and was sent home to wait for the doctor’s to determine next steps.

Almost six months later, Evan returned to ACH for another overnight stay to get his blood pressure under control. Since this 2014 visit, Evan has been on the same does of medicine. Today, Evan no longer sees his cardiologist, but the family continues to wait and see if surgery on his kidney will be needed.

In 2013, the Clubine’s hope to have their son’s name on the wall became reality. Thanks to Scott’s fundraising efforts, a room in the CVICU now bears Evan’s name outside the door.

“The hospital has a very special place in our hearts,” Katrin says, “We believe that without their medical care we would not have our precious Evan here with us today.”

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