Garland County Chapter

The state goal this year for Circle of Friends is to have over 450 volunteers. Garland would love for you to join and help Circle of Friends reach this number!

Officer Information:

  • Chair – Glenda Dunn
  • Chair – Elect – DeaAnn Richard
  • Treasurer – Angie Fuller-Freeman
  • Secretary – Lisa Wood
  • Volunteer Engagement – Sarah Meadows
  • Volunteer Engagement – Rhonda Kellogg
  • Project – Misty Wuensch
  • Project – Angie Fuller-Freeman
  • Sunshine – Natalie Berry
  • Sunshine – Mandy Prados
  • State Board Representative – DeaAnn Richard
  • State Board Representative – Beatrice Carrillo

Core Projects:

  • Jockey Jog
  • Kids Caring For Kids
  • Splash of Red

There are many ways to get involved with our events. Sponsoring an event, volunteering or donating items are all great ways you can help. For more information regarding any of the above events please contact Garland Project Chair’s Misty Wuensch or Angie Fuller-Freeman.

Misty: 501-881-9125,
Angie: 501-318-8074, 

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