The Five Best Reasons to Support Arkansas Children's Hospital


Arkansas Children's Hospital relies on donor support to help provide Care, Love and Hope for our patients. Arkansas Children's Hospital (ACH) is the only pediatric hospital in the state. With  your gift, no matter the size, you can make a difference in the life of a child. ACH works with referring physicians and hospitals to provide medical care for the most critically ill and injured children of our state.


 No Arkansas child is ever turned away. Arkansas Children's Hospital treats all Arkansas children even if their parents cannot pay for treatment. ACH gives away more than $20 million in charity care each year.


 Children are not tiny adults - they need special care. The health care professionals at ACH are specially trained to treat children, which is vastly different from treating adults. It is impossible to treat children by just miniaturizing adult health care. ACH provides care for children with all sorts of health problems including cancer, congenital heart defects, cystic fibrosis and cerebral palsy, to name just a few.


 Research on our campus helps the children of Arkansas and the world. Physicians and scientists are conducting important research at the Arkansas Children's Hospital Research Institute and the Arkansas Children's Nutrition Center. This research aids in our understanding of child development and some diseases. New therapies and preventive measures discovered at ACHRI and ACNC can be more rapidly introduced to children in Arkansas communities.


 Arkansas Children's Hospital is committed to helping Arkansas children thrive. We are not just focused on treating the sick and injured children who come through our doors. We are also committed to devoting personnel and resources throughout the state to educate children, parents, teachers and others about ways to keep kids safe, healthy and out of the hospital. For more information on some of our community outreach efforts, click to check out some of these pages on our site: Community Outreach, Injury Prevention Center, Natural Wonders: The State of Children's Health in Arkansas.

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