Meet Paisley Teague

Horses, pigs, goats and other farm animals might not be conventional pets for most kids. But 5-year-old Paisley Teague considers them among her best friends.

Paisley’s family resides in Siloam Springs, where space to raise livestock is a little easier to come by. And thanks to your generous donations, the opening of Arkansas Children’s Northwest brings some of her favorite people much closer. People like Speech Language Pathologist Ellie Cooper, who’s currently at Arkansas Children’s Hospital Clinic in Lowell.

Paisley has bilateral hearing loss. Her dual cochlear implants and other necessary treatment has come from Arkansas Children’s Audiology and Speech Therapy Departments. Besides Ellie, Paisley enjoys visiting with Audiologist Dr. Jessica Tillman and Speech Language Pathologist Krista Scruggs at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.

Tonya Teague, Paisley’s mom, says that Arkansas Children’s is “amazing; we’re always comfortable and confident with all our doctors, nurses and staff in every visit there.” She goes on to say: “The staff is knowledgeable and explained anything we had questions on—they’re very caring, and have taken time to get to know Paisley as well as the rest of our family. They’ve really made it a personable experience for us.”

Tonya says that making Paisley’s story possible “is an opportunity that will make a difference in the lives of the children that Arkansas Children’s serves, and it’s an experience that your family will never forget.”

The Teague family is very grateful for donors like you who helped build care close to home at Arkansas Children’s Northwest. According to Tonya, “The best thing about Arkansas Children’s Northwest is getting to meet other families and for them to get the Arkansas Children’s experience, because it’s one they won’t get elsewhere.”

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