Meet Robert Bittle

After finding their 20-month-old son Rob’s head caught in a wooden toy box at their Fayetteville home, the Bittle family feared the worst. “We thought he was dead,” recalls Claire, Rob’s mom, “We called 911, and I started doing CPR. Thankfully, he started responding.”

Rob was taken to their local hospital, Washington Regional, by ambulance. While in the Emergency Department, Rob had two seizures, and the family was told he needed to be airlifted to Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) in Little Rock to be monitored.
“At that moment, I realized the seriousness of it. I think we just wanted it to not be that bad,” Claire says.

The Angel One transport team arrived within what felt like minutes. “The team was amazing. One nurse in particular was like an angel herself. She grabbed me by the arm and said, ‘I want you to know this was not your fault,’ and I just broke down. In the chaos of it all I hadn’t allowed myself to cry. She was so comforting.”

Once Rob was admitted, his healthcare team hooked him up to an EEG, a test that detects electrical activity in your brain using small, flat metal discs attached to your scalp. The results of the test would help Rob’s neurologist evaluate how his brain was responding after being without oxygen.

“They monitored him all night, and thankfully, he didn’t have another seizure. He woke up the next morning acting like himself again. We were relieved,” Claire says.

The next day was long. There was a lot of waiting and watching. After reviewing Rob’s test results, his pediatric neurologist prescribed an anti-seizure medication for 3 months.

When the family returned to ACH for Rob’s follow-up visit, he had another EEG. Everything looked normal, so he was taken off his medication and has done great ever sense. As an active, energetic, three-year-old, he loves soccer and his gymnastics class. He loves reading books, playing with Legos and doing puzzles.

“We were only at ACH for 48 hours. But, in that short amount of time, we were so grateful that Rob was able to get care at ACH. Everyone was so nice and made everything easy. They explained what was happening each step of the way,” Claire says.

The Bittle family is excited to have a new pediatric hospital, Arkansas Children’s Northwest, so close to home.

“ACNW is such a blessing. Some things are so time sensitive. ACNW will make it possible for more children to have access to a higher level of pediatric care. Why would we not want to give to ACNW if we can help children get what they need or continue to get what they need right here in Arkansas? Our children are our future,” Claire says.

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