Kiwanians Help Purchase Ultrasound Machines for Emergency Department

ACH Foundation staff works with many groups throughout the year to raise funds for Arkansas Children's Hospital. One such group, whose motto is "Serving the Children of the World," has made the Emergency Department at ACH a less painful experience for many children.

Kiwanis International is a service organization dedicated to raising money for children's charities. Each year, generous Kiwanians across our state band together to raise money for Arkansas Children's Hospital. They decided several years ago they wanted their donations to support the trauma program at ACH.

In 2006, Kiwanis funds were used to purchase a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine for the ACH Emergency Department. This machine helps hospital staff diagnose conditions without the use of radiation and quickly evaluate the extent of abdominal and chest traumas.

The machine also makes it easier to find a vein to start IVs and run tests. You probably know how uncomfortable receiving needle sticks can be. Because of donors just like you, children don’t have to experience the pain and stress that multiple needle sticks can cause.

Kiwanis funds from the last five years have been designated toward the purchase of two brand new ultrasound machines for our new Emergency Department, located in the South Wing, which opens to patients in July.

Now, thanks in part to our Kiwanis donors, more children than ever will receive life-saving trauma care, enhanced by the use of our brand-new ultrasound machines.

You can help, too - make a gift today! If you are part of a group that wants to raise money for ACH, contact our office to learn more about how your group can make a difference.

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