Meet Trey and Trent Hollon


Identical twins Trent and Trey Hollon share everything. Both diagnosed with cleft lips at birth, the brothers received their first reconstructive surgeries at Arkansas Children’s Hospital at only six months old. 

Placed into the foster system at only 8 months old, the boys were welcomed with open arms by Kelly and Cliff Hollon right before their third birthday. “We knew we weren’t finished, as far as our family was concerned,” says Kelly.  Having raised two biological children, Stuart (25) and Allie (23), the Hollons decided together to expand their family.  

In 2007, Kelly and Cliff attended training to become foster parents. “There were a lot of questions about children with disabilities, including whether or not we were willing to accept a child with a physical or mental disability,” says Cliff. “We were determined no barriers would stop us from adopting. We didn’t want to choose based on photos.” Kelly and Cliff asked their adoption specialists to send their family the next sibling group that came to the agency.  

Trey and Trent arrived home in 2008 and the Hollons immediately fell in love. The brothers were officially adopted by the Hollons in January of 2009, just after their third birthday. Neither boy could speak at the time of their adoption, but now at 11 years old, Trey and Trent are thriving. “We’ve seen them grow by leaps and bounds,” explained Kelly. 

Trey has aspirations of being a superhero and a missionary. Trent has an interest in architecture and spends his free time drawing house plans and reading log cabin magazines. “99.9% of the time they would rather go to the book store than the toy store,” explains Kelly. “The boys talk often about college. Trent wants to live in Colorado and Trey wants to stay close, AND live next door to his brother.”

Regardless of what they grow up to be, they want to be together. 

In 2014, Trey needed an additional surgery to close a hole in his gum. The surgery required a bone graph to be taken from Trey’s hip to fill the void. Taking the boys to follow up appointments, Kelly and Cliff learned more about their sons’ diagnoses from the physicians and nurses at ACH. Dr. Buckmiller, the surgeon who performed Trey and Trent’s first surgery, recovered photos of the boys before surgery. “These are our only pictures of them as infants. Those pictures are very precious to me,” says Kelly.  

Trey and Trent also receive care from the ACH Dental clinic and will be monitored until they’re 18 years old.  

“All the nurses and doctors are engaged with our boys,” says Cliff. “It's like visiting family! The boys are not bashful and enjoy talking to everyone on their appointments. We couldn't ask for a better place and have been blessed by the care ACH has given our boys.”

Donate in honor of Trey and Trent by visiting their fundraising page here. Until no child needs us, we need you.

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