Meet Zachary Sehon
El Dorado

When Katey Sehon gave birth to her son Zachary at 24 weeks of pregnancy, she knew the odds weren’t in his favor. 

She’d been through this before. A year before, her first son Mason died after he was born too early. His medical issues were too overwhelming. 

But this time, as she and her husband stood in the same NICU talking to the same doctors, they had good reasons to be optimistic. 

“When all we knew was death, to be given hope is just more than I can explain,” she remembers. 

It took nearly five months and three surgeries, but Zachary went home healthy. He was monitored for a year in a high risk clinic at ACH. At four, he has no further diagnosis and no therapies recommended. 

“They saved my child’s life,” Katey says with confidence. “I know that he is a true miracle.” 

Today the Sehons are trying to share that miracle with other families.

“We didn’t know about prematurity until it happened to us,” says Katey. “We didn’t know how many people it affected. We didn’t know how much was being done to support families like ours.”

She says the corps of ACH volunteers made blankets for both of her sons who spent time at ACH. They remain precious to the family. She quit her job to be at the hospital around the clock with Zachary, but her husband had to make the drive back and forth to El Dorado daily, along with other family members. She recalls the medical staff and the volunteers became a source of support for them at such a vulnerable time. They became close with other families who also had babies in the NICU. 

“We developed such close relationships with the doctors and nurses and other families,” she said. “We still keep in touch with several of the other parents.” 
She credits donations of time and resources by generous donors like you for Zachary’s “all boy” ways these days. The family has committed to pay it forward, organizing memorial 5k for Mason that over three years has raised $10,000 for ACH. 

“We never want any parent to have to bury a child again,” Katey said. “We love Arkansas Children’s so much for what they did for our family. We hope we never have to go back again,” she laughs, “but we love them so much and want to do everything we can for preemie babies in the future.” 

Donate in honor of Zachary by visiting his fundraising page here. Until no child needs us, we need you.

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